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Brie & Three Cheese Platter
Bay Shrimp Cocktail
Smoked Salmon Canapés
Mini Wedge Salads
Caprese Skewers
Coconut Prawns
Fruit Skewers
Avocado Creme Polenta Bites
Bay Shrimp Louis Salad
Wedding Party Table
Baby Shower Buffet
French Brie, Baguette & Fruit
Chocolate Mousse Cake
Mexican Wedding Buffet
Mexican Wedding Buffet
Hummus Stuffed Avocado
Fruit Platter
French Brie Platter
Fruit & Vegetable Platter (Pick UP)
Caprese Skewers
Mediterranean Platter
Reception Table
House Shortbread Sundaes
Fruit Tray 2
Private Back Patio
Sautéed Vegetables & Grilled Prawns
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